Networking the Online way…

…not to be confused with Speed dating.

Just when I thought it safe to try out a few more along comes this news item from the BBC about LinkedIn. Seriously! Is this a confirmation of all my fears about online network sites? I must be one of the few remaining ‘dinosaurs’ with no account on Facebook, who have refused to move with the times. Many family members and friends do have accounts with these sites. Every time they update their details, etc. I get bombarded with requests to view them, comment on their wall, share it -and make my life even better.  Each one of them have assured me that their privacy settings are at the highest level, with a closed contact list.  So what is going on?

The answer is not necessarily the regular serious shortcomings as  in the the BBC story above. Perhaps, the owners of these sites often mistakenly erode the privacy settings during a drive to capture more followers/members to their sites. They are not exactly a charity organisation out there for our own good. I am positive they do worry about value, volume of users, advertising, revenue, and all the other things normal businesses concern themselves with. Or how do you explain their constant forays into other other ‘markets’ to stay ahead of the competition? These stories on Google aerial maps or Facebook on the stock market say a lot.

As @Philbradley tweeted, “Facebook dead in 5 years, Google not far behind. Both lose out to the new wave of mobile resources. Apparently.” Should I be bovvered?  Yes. Definitely. I am a Librarian not your average web user.  I must read Phil Bradley’s  weblog again!


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