Networking the Online way…

June 11, 2012

…not to be confused with Speed dating.

Just when I thought it safe to try out a few more along comes this news item from the BBC about LinkedIn. Seriously! Is this a confirmation of all my fears about online network sites? I must be one of the few remaining ‘dinosaurs’ with no account on Facebook, who have refused to move with the times. Many family members and friends do have accounts with these sites. Every time they update their details, etc. I get bombarded with requests to view them, comment on their wall, share it -and make my life even better.  Each one of them have assured me that their privacy settings are at the highest level, with a closed contact list.  So what is going on?

The answer is not necessarily the regular serious shortcomings as  in the the BBC story above. Perhaps, the owners of these sites often mistakenly erode the privacy settings during a drive to capture more followers/members to their sites. They are not exactly a charity organisation out there for our own good. I am positive they do worry about value, volume of users, advertising, revenue, and all the other things normal businesses concern themselves with. Or how do you explain their constant forays into other other ‘markets’ to stay ahead of the competition? These stories on Google aerial maps or Facebook on the stock market say a lot.

As @Philbradley tweeted, “Facebook dead in 5 years, Google not far behind. Both lose out to the new wave of mobile resources. Apparently.” Should I be bovvered?  Yes. Definitely. I am a Librarian not your average web user.  I must read Phil Bradley’s  weblog again!


Kick-starting Reflective Practice

June 10, 2012

I find Thing 5 really interesting and useful. It is definitely one of the tools that I know will serve me well in my career and life generally.
The article points out the key drawback -TIME! I think I have time sorted. About two years ago, I read an article in the Harvard Business Review that said something about booking an appointment with yourself at a fixed time every week to review your work, make plans, work out a strategy. I thought it was a great idea and straight away did just that! I still have appointments set up in my Outlook Calendar for the entire year. I must admit that I have not honoured them all. The times that I did, the rewards were great: ideas for working better with my team, proposals for new services, a fresh look at problems in the service, etc.
As I reflect on this personal weekly time-out, a few things are coming to light on why I only averaged about 50% success rate:
–Perhaps my chosen day -Mondays- with all the challenges that come with the start of a new work week is just not a suitable day?;
–A number of Bank holidays fall on a Monday (not that I am complaining) so I ‘lost’ those sessions;

Reflecting means I am reviewing this time-with-myself. I am looking at another day of the week with less surprises. And getting a diary to note down my conscious attempt at Reflective Practice.

Wish me luck!

Thing 4 : Socialise!

May 28, 2012

I opened a Twitter account a couple of hours ago. Not my first, I must admit. While setting up this new one I had Thing 3 at the back of my mind! Since I would like this blog and the Twitter account for work related things and cpd23, I kept the same name. My other twitter account is for pleasure:  indulging my passion for food.

RSS I already use. How do you turn them ‘off’ when you go on holidays? It will be nice to come back and not see the warning from IT about how I have exceeded my measely mailbox allowance.

Storify? This needs a bit more exploring…and I shall wave when I suss it out.

Thing 3 – Vanity Check and Reality Check

May 16, 2012

I confess I did the vanity bit first. A few unsavory things came to light and I shall bury them pronto! The result did surprise me as it had changed quite a bit from my last vanity check a couple of years back.  There were now more work related links from our Colleges’ heavy web presence.

What I will take from Thing 3 is the fine art of keeping my Jerkyll and Hyde  or work and play personas completely different. There is much to be said for a professional presence on the web, especially as potential customers and employers would often carry out a quick web check before doing business with you. Also, when things go awry at the social networking sites and your privacy settings are accidentally eroded, as is often the case, you have nothing to hide.

For me, a bit of anonymity keeps me sane. I can participate here, enjoy learning about your interesting lives,  contact specific people offline if need be,  pursue my hobby of running a supper club elsewhere,  join a Book Club (sad, eh?)… All anonymously. And happy. For Now.

I will reconsider when I become a Consultant Popup Librarian earning bags of money and hobnobbing with newspaper editors and the Minister for Libraries.

Watch this space!

Other Blogs

May 11, 2012

This is fun! I always knew that you librarians are special -the names you come up with for your blogs has made me smile, laugh, and ROFL. Here are a few:

Shoestring Librarian — a prophesy about even more lean times to come?

Things From the Front Desk — The usual stuff or have you invented new ones?

The adventures of Yiwen the Librarian –I am going straight there as it sounds like fun and no books stamping I bet!

The Electric Silverfish –I went to see a photo of what an electric fish looks like…

Fellow bloggers, you’ve made a dreary Friday afternoon go faster. Love and peace to you all 🙂

Hello World!

May 8, 2012

…thought I should join in the fun:-)